Jessica Tom


Year: Senior
Major: Public Health/Plan II
Future Plans: I hope to become a physician who works with children with special needs!
Favorite Reading Aces Memory: One time, I was with a group of students at Metz Recreation Center, and at first, they were not interested in reading. They reluctantly decided to pick a book about John Henry to start off, but by the end of the session, we were all dancing and singing, "John Henry, John Henry, John Henry was a mighty man!" every time it appeared in the book. We had a great time!


Caitlin Stanley

Vice President

Year: Senior
Major: Neuroscience
Future Plans: Medical School
Favorite Reading Aces Memory: I will never forget my first volunteer session with Reading Aces. My reading partner was a young boy who told me that he didn't think he could read very well. I told him that the only thing that mattered was the effort he put into it. I started off by reading to him and asking him to read some words aloud. By the end of the session, he had already taken the book into his own hands, and read me an entire page. When he looked up at me, I could see the pride in his eyes, and I knew that I would be coming back to volunteer every week.


Holly Grossman

Metz Site Coordinator
Outreach coordinator

Year: Junior
Major: Biochemistry
Future Plans: To attend medical school and become a physician
Favorite Reading Aces Memory:The second time I ever volunteered, the girls I read with the week before remembered my name. It was a small thing, but it still made me feel special and like I had made an impact.


Maanasa Chittari

Virginia Brown Site Coordinator

Year: Senior
Major: Biochemistry BSA
Future Plans: I want to become a physician. Currently, my desire is to be a pediatrician.
Favorite Reading Aces Memory:I love developing relationships with the children. I get really excited to see their faces light up whenever we walk into the room with the books.


Clio Harralson

Publications Director

Year: Sophomore
Major: Business Honors, Management Information Systems, Plan II Honors
Future Plans: I'm still deciding, but I'm interested in the intersection of business and technology. I'd love to become involved in social entrepreneurship!
Favorite Reading Aces Memory: I love seeing how excited the kids get when they see volunteers! They are so sweet, and getting to know them and seeing their progress is an amazing experience.


Humza Khurshid

Gus Garcia Site Coordinator

Year: Junior
Major: Biology Honors
Future Plans: To attend Medical School and become a Physician
Favorite Reading Aces Memory: Reading Aces is special because of the connections that you form with the kids that you read to week in and week out. Being a consistent volunteer allows you to develop a relationship and become a positive role model that they may or may not have in their life. You become invested in their development because of that connection. For me, seeing kids that I read to each semester progress from barely being able to read a page to having the confidence to read multiple pages on their own has been my favorite memory about Reading Aces.


Anjali Chacko

Site Coordinator

Year: Senior
Major: Biochemistry
Future Plans: Medical School and become a doctor
Favorite Reading Aces Memory: My favorite memory was when one girl told me that she loved reading after she was able to finally sound a word out on her own!


Jeffery Chen

Metz Site Coordinator

Year: Junior
Major: Neuroscience
Future Plans: Aspiring physician
Favorite Reading Aces Memory: One of the best feelings is when you begin to read to the kids. They start off shy, but gradually warm up to you. Once they get excited, they try reading themselves and learn new words in the process!


Ifeoma Ezenwabachili

Outreach Coordinator

Year: Sophomore
Major: Nutrition
Future Plans: Medical School
Favorite Reading Aces Memory: At the start of every volunteer shift, the same kids that I read to each week never fail to get extremely excited when they see me and give me a big hug. Their excitement makes me feel appreciated, motivated and like I am really making a difference in what I'm doing.


Brandon Bragg

Site Coordinator

Year: Junior
Major: Plan II and Advertising
Future Plans: Marketing and Leadership
Favorite Reading Aces Memory: My favorite memories from volunteering at Reading Aces is from the site I help lead, Virginia Brown. The excitement that candy prizes can give to reading is one of the most powerful things I have ever experienced. It is so much fun to see how such a simple thing can open their eyes to a whole world of reading many of the kids under-appreciated until some skittles were involved.


Shireen Punjabi

Activities Coordinator

Year: Sophomore
Major: Neuroscience
Future Plans: I want to go to medical school and become a pediatrician!
Favorite Reading Aces Memory: My favorite memory is seeing the kids running to greet us when we visit each week. I love watching their enthusiasm for reading grow over time!


Reagan Wright

Social Media Coordinator

Year: Sophomore
Major: Plan II/International Business
Future Plans: I potentially want to go to law school or become an entrepreneur! 
Favorite Reading Aces Memory: I love seeing how excited the kids get to read. They always come running inside after their snack and the first thing they ask is where are the book!? It is exciting to see us encouraging this love for reading through our work.